How Jiu Jitsu Can Help with Bullying

Posted Sep 25th 2020

Bullying has become a big problem for children and many kids simply don’t know how to handle this issue. Many children live in fear every day and some are so scared of going to school that they need to be home-schooled. As parents, it’s hard to witness this happening but there is hope. Jujitsu is a self-defense method that instills confidence in children and helps to build up their self-esteem while at the same time reinforcing good character and positive values.

The objective in teaching children jiu jitsu is not to make them become physically aggressive and assertive. It is, rather, to give them techniques that they can use to help deter bullies in a non-violent way. If things progress, however, to the point where a child needs to defend himself, he will have the tools available. We teach control holds based on leverage that help to neutralize threats without having to resort to aggressive violence.
The overall objective in teaching children jujitsu is to teach the techniques of self-defense without having them turn into bullies themselves. This is a key point to consider since many children that are bullied are sensitive and kind souls. As parents you want your children to retain these positive qualities while at the same time having the confidence to stand up for themselves.

Self-defense does not teach a child to go on the offensive. It teaches that words should be used first to defuse confrontations and self-defense should be used only if the situation becomes physical. We do not teach kids to initiate aggressive physical behaviour in any way. We show them how to neutralize threats using non-violent methods so that they can stay in control until they see help arriving.

Our bullying programs also provide other benefits including:

Increased awarenessc – We teach children about the different types of harassment and how to differentiate between “bullying” and “joking”.

Responsibility – We put an emphasis on discipline, respect and responsibility to ensure that the newfound power they have found will never be abused.

Confidence – Bullies often look for children that are lacking self-confidence. We help raise kids’ confidence levels so that they are less likely to be harassed by bullies.

Jiu Jitsu teaches both mental and movement skills and it is a powerful tool to be used when dealing with bullies. If you are looking for a solution for a bullying problem that your child is experiencing, please visit our website now at

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